The Oakmont Sunday Symposium is open to all Oakmont residents and their invited guests. Topics in the Symposium's fall schedule include civil rights and wilderness legislation, drought resistant gardening and Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court.

Sunday events for Oakmont residents and their invited guests are from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the East Rec Center.  A $3 donation is requested. Discounted passes are available at the door. The Symposium solicits comments and suggestions about our programs from our audience. Click on Contact Us.


Dot Spaet,"Five Keys to Get Rid of Back Pain" on October 19th, 2014 (audio now & video soon)

Lynn Cominksy, "BLAZING GALAXIES, EXPLODING STARS, AND MONSTROUS BLACK HOLES" on May 8, 2014 (audio & video)

October 26
Craig Anderson: "Land Paths of Sonoma County"

Gina Belforte Parks, "open space" and agricultural lands combine to create one of the most important aspects of quality of life in Sonoma County. At the same time these lands are lately at risk due to park closures, development within urban growth boundaries and a host of challenges for farmers. LandPaths' director of the past 17 years, Craig will discuss his perspective on the open landscape, public access and the modern psyche as it relates to the unique sense of place'in our region.

Land Partners Through Stewardship, or "LandPaths," is a Sonoma County-based nonprofit dedicated to connecting people to natural and working landscapes. In his Symposium talk, Craig will highlight LandPaths flagship programs and preserves and the nonprofit community group's work in reinforcing the outdoors not as not just a recreational asset, but a treasure that we all share and need to steward.

November 2
Linda Reid : "Who Sculpted That Amazing Piece?"

Gina Belforte Did you know we have many very famous sculptural works right here in our backyard? Linda Loveland Reid returns to the Sunday Symposium to take you on a virtual tour that includes slides and sculptures and history of artists whose work is exhibited a local sculpture gardens such as Oliver Ranch, Sonoma County Museum, Paradise Ridge Winery, SSU Green Center and in parks and cities of our communities.

Linda teaches art history classes at OLLI at Sonoma Stare University, Healdsburg and Oakmont.  She holds degrees in history and art history from SSU and has authored two novels. She lives in Penngrove with her husband and playwrite and fellow author, Harry Reid.

November 9
Dr. Marek Lorenc: "What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer"

Gina Belforte Dr. Lorenc will discuss what the warning signs of skin cancer are, what specifically to look for, and what prevention and treatments are available. He will also talk about what influences a doctor's decision to perform  surgery or select alternate, non-surgical therapies such as  radiation. 

  Dr. Lorenc is a board certified dermatologist specializing in surgical and cosmetic dermatology with 30 years of private practice experience. He lives in the Valley of the Moon where he has raised his children and has been an active member of the community.

If the speaker requests the program be video recorded, an edited copy will be posted here one week later for those who could not attend in person. Contact Oakmont Video Productions for more information.

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